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Latvia,Riga(Future Weapons system station(SAB)(illegal psychotronic attack));Springfield,Illinois,USA(land-based psychotronic station(CIA)(are blocking impact of other countries stations))107thUnited States Congress House Resolution bill pending(H.R.2799).

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Talis Bedritis
35-18 Zemgales Street



Republic of Latvia on January 4, 1993 passed Accession Act of 1980 UN Convention on Prohibition or Restrictions on the Use of Certain Conventional Weapons Which May be Deemed to be Excessively Injurious or to Have Indiscriminate Effects (Geneva, October 10, 1980), and accepted Protocols I, II, III and IV (e.g. Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Convention prohibiting the development and use of weapons causing superfluous injuries and unnecessary suffering, the UN Weapons Convention of 1980 and its Protocols). I am a student of Riga Technical University. Since late 1998 the Constitutional Protection Bureau (State security institution) officials are by using technical means effecting illegal psychotronic attack against me. The technical means are included in the Constitutional Protection Bureau (SAB) object in Riga, Zakusalas krastmala 3, in the 21st - 23rd floors of the TV building. According to former KGB technical documentation, in special technical equipment located according to the address Latvia, Riga, Zakusalas krastmala 3, 21st floor, there is being stated that in control panels, systems, special equipment, technical devices there are being stored and fixed activities of the Constitutional Protection Bureau officials, by subjecting me to illegal psychotronic attack. The illegal psychotronic attack against me is being effected by means of technical devices, by transmitting towards me a modulated signal causing alterations in my body, what being a reason for loss of the organ's functions, torturing, injuries, mental harm and other sufferings. I enclose to my application doctors issued reference, 24.09.2001. Orientating and installing of technical devices against me is taking place by establishing therein my image perceiving my bio-field. In Latvia Republic the former KGB documents are stored in the Totalitarian Consequences Documentation Center. As information I enclose an excerpt copy from the newspaper "Zeme", November 5, 1998. The Constitutional Protection Bureau officials by using technical means are effecting illegal psychotronic attack against me, by thus causing me bodily suffering, as a result of which I have lost my capacity for work, therefore I do not receive any material resources what would allow me to ensure sufficient food, clothes, shelter, I am being caused moral, material harm, violated are being my human rights, violated are being my set by law rights to participate in operation of the state, as well as to fulfill state service due to such conditions that I cannot continue my studies in the University, violated are there being my rights for education and insulted are being my interests. Latvia Republic legislation acts do state to effect examination of the Constitutional Protection Bureau object premises upon consent of the Public Prosecutor General and verification of technical means located in the service premises in order as a result of investigation activities there would have been collected material and written evidence which would be sufficient for criminal prosecution of the Constitutional Protection Bureau officials. I have addressed Latvia Republic state authorities, however illegal psychotronic attack against me since late 1998 has not been halted until this very moment, and not being ensured there is an order of application of Constitutional Protection Bureau operative technical means, investigation is not being effected by referring to various state authority institutions boundaries of competence, or either there is being not given a reply to my applications. The Constitutional Protection Bureau legal address is Latvia, Riga, Miera Street 85A, LV-1013, phone 7025 407. The Constitutional Protection Bureau station address according to technical documents is Latvia,Riga, Zakusalas krastmala 3, 21st floor. This enormous station is performing an important illegal psychotronic attack function on the Future Weapons system. The Station network consists of five VZ system constructions, most of which are located adjacent to Station in a certain arrangement. The use of these Future Weapons system station technologies contain criminal elements, etc. On 02.04.2001 I flew from Riga to London in order to verify the Constitutional Protection Bureau Future Weapons System Station operation radius. From Riga up to Warsaw I flew by the aviation company "LOT" plane and from Warsaw up to London I flew by the aviation company "British Airways" plane. During the flight in the both aviation companies' planes against me from the Constitutional Protection Bureau Future Weapons system station there was effected illegal psychotronic attack. In London I was staying for 9 days from 02.04 2001 until 10.04.2001, and I was residing according to the address Latvian Welfare Fund "Daugavas Vanagi" at 72 Queensborough Terrace London W2 3 SH, tel. 0171 727 3157, during my entire stay within the United Kingdom territory against me from the Constitutional Protection Bureau Future Weapons system station there was being effected illegal psychotronic attack, by subjecting me to torture. On 10.04.2001 I returned to Latvia. The Constitutional Protection Bureau by using illegal psychotronic attack from Future Weapons system station against civil residents has violated the Constitution, the law on Constitutional Protection Bureau, law on State security institutions, law on Operative activity, the 1950 European Convention on Human Rights, the 1980 UN Weapons Convention, the International Humanitarian Law. The 1998 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (Rome, July 17, 1998) (not yet in force) includes in its list of war crimes the use of certain prohibited weapons, projectiles and material and methods of Warfare: see Article 8(2)(b)(XX) copies enclosed. Review Conference of the 1980 Convention, page 158, entitled Future Weapons: see Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross for the review Conference of the 1980 UN Weapons Convention, Part III, (Section II)(V. Future weapons) copies enclosed. The limitations or prohibitions to resort to specific methods of warfare stipulated in International Humanitarian Law (IHL)derive from premise - the use of methods of nature to cause unnecessary suffering or superfluous injury is forbidden, 1907 Hague Convention IV Respecting the Laws and Customs of War on Land (and annexed Regulations) (The Hague, October 18, 1907): see Article 23 (e) of the Hague Regulations (Article 23 IN addition to the prohibitions provided by special conventions, it is especially forbidden - (e) To employ arms, projectiles or material calculated to cause unnecessary suffering) and Article 35(2) of Protocol I. Will you, please, assess Latvia Republic Constitutional Protection Bureau Future Weapons System Station operation conformity with binding for Latvia Republic international treaties, as well as Latvia Republic Constitutional Protection Bureau officials illegal psychotronic attack against civil residents both in Latvia and other countries territory.

Respectfully submitted,

Talis Bedritis



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